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Thread: Installing Linux onto your Sony PS3

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    Default Installing Linux onto your Sony PS3

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "Installing Linux onto your Sony PS3"

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    Default Re: Installing Linux onto your Sony PS3

    there are some problems in your post...

    -all of the 7 cores each run at 3.2 ghz (one PPC core and 6 SPUs)
    -there's no access to the RSX and its part of the memory ( 700 ghz GDDR3 256MB)
    -there's one 192MB available to linux, i think.

    Additional Information:

    -the other half of memory linux has available runs at 3.2 GHz
    -the operating system runs on the single dual-threaded PPC core and you have to recode apps to run on the SPUs (mostly media intensive for 1080p full screen)

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    Default Re: Installing Linux onto your Sony PS3

    I decided not to get too technical, and cover the basics of shoe-horning the distro onto the ps3 instead.

    I've done some reading on the Cell Broadband architecture before and your reply has prompted me to re-read alot of the material. Can you show me where you found this information? the way i interpreted it was that it has an OVERALL of 3.2Ghz divided by 7 spu's each with a core of about 450mhz.
    IBM touted the concept as a more efficient way of upscaling processor power while maintaining better power consumption.

    You're right about the RSX being locked out, damn sony for that. can you imagine how much linux would fly if the developers had access to it?

    and yea theres a reduced amount of ram available but the quantity i quoted was from wikipedia (that oh-so reliable source of information)

    I would be very interested to see where you have got your information, can you provide some links?

    The purpose of this how-to was... well... a how-to... us nerds will have to battle it out here on the forums about the technicals :-)


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