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Thread: Quad GPUs - Clearly not the future!

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    Default Quad GPUs - Clearly not the future!

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "Quad GPUs - Clearly not the future!"

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    Default Re: Quad GPUs - Clearly not the future!

    I don't believe that this is clearly the case at all. As is pointed out in the article some games run very well with multi gpu setups. If some can, then it is down to the game developers to ensure their games are multi gpu enabled.

    After all you could make exactly the same argument about multi core processors as many programs are not optimized to use multi cores

    Game and graphics driver developers just have to step up to the mark the same as the rest of the IT world is doing.

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    Default Re: Quad GPUs - Clearly not the future!

    I read the same stuff about quad core cpu's- no utilization , few programms or games support and so on and so forth -but... reading half a year later a lot of system configuration most of guys had a quad-core cpu including me. Why buy a dual-core if you can get a quad for the same price ? So basicly what Intel did is same Nvidia tried with 7850 gx2 -intel put 2 processors on the same die- nvidia on the same pci-e slot .The difference is - it worked better for intel.So I think as long as they get a better technology which will finally work we'll buy a quad gpu with the thought that game and software developers will make future games which will use all our cpus and gpus . Nvidia and ATI has come to a margine where heat is a serious hinderness - we see it from heat benchmarks they all need bigger and better heatsinks but come on- its a graphic card- they have no space for it so they we have to go dual -quad -octa and so on .Its just a matter of time for the technology to evolve .Nvidia had 2 PCB's on one pci-e ATI has 2 gpus on one PCB so i think the next step gonna be 4 gpus on 2 PCB's on one pci-e ?! Lets wait and see...

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