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Thread: Sex, Drugs and Graphics Cards

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    Default Sex, Drugs and Graphics Cards

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "Sex, Drugs and Graphics Cards"

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    Default Re: Sex, Drugs and Graphics Cards

    Its like you know me man!

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    Default Re: Sex, Drugs and Graphics Cards

    I would shed a tear for you, but I'm too damn busy writing my own reviews. Seriously though, I know your pain. Back in February '07 I left an unnamed website where I felt quite unappreciated to begin Benchmark Reviews. One year, three trade shows, and over 100 reviews to my credit later, I have found myself numb to the industry.

    Video games? Yeah, I've got 'em.... for benchmarks. Overclocking? Sure, I do it... for testing. Even my HDTV and monitor reviews are done with an all work and no play attidude.

    At the end of the day (or in my case a year) you'll have readers, you'll have gear, and you'll have plenty of contacts, but you won't be having much fun. Thankfully I am a fiercely competitive person, because that's what it comes down to with some product reviews.

    Oh- one last thing... I got caught up in the DDR3 hype just like you. To date, Benchmark Reviews has reviewed more DDR3 than anyone else. Was it worth all of the work? Not at all. Conversely, one article I recently wrote consisted of dozens of $5-10 items and was more popular in one week than the entire collection of 14 DDR3 reviews combined.

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    Default Re: Sex, Drugs and Graphics Cards

    Quote Originally Posted by eightball103 View Post
    Its like you know me man!
    really true.

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