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Thread: NVIDIA Slowing Down Graphics Upgrades?

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    Default NVIDIA Slowing Down Graphics Upgrades?

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "NVIDIA Slowing Down Graphics Upgrades?"

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    Default Re: NVIDIA Slowing Down Graphics Upgrades?

    This article had a very strong beginning and made some decent points, until it devolved into yet another uninformed commentary, spreading the same false information about PC gaming that people seem so happy to accept, yet so reluctant to question.

    First of all, I do agree that NVIDIA has been purposefully slowing their technology way down. Without much competition from ATI, they really don't have much reason at all to keep pushing the forefront time and time again. I'll be very happy once ATI comes out with their *true* next-generation chip, as it'll force NVIDIA to keep pushing the envelope once again.

    However, where this article falls apart in my opinion, is where the author somehow comes to the conclusion that "this is why consoles seem so popular these days". I'll address the comments one at a time.

    If you really sit back and take a look at the big picture, you can see why consoles are so popular these days. For the cost of a high-end graphics card alone, you can get yourself into a console that can output at 1920 x 1080 without much drama at all.
    The vast majority of console games absolutely do not run at 1920x1080. In fact, most great-looking console games have a hard time running at 720p, let alone 1080p. Look up some articles about Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 running at 600p resolution and you'll unerstand what I'm talking about.

    Crysis is a prime example of what’s going wrong in the graphics card market these days; you look at a game that looks stunning, has some absolutely unreal features and is probably a revolutionary step in game play, and you see that the company behind it can’t break even against production costs.
    Even more misinformation. Crysis sold A MILLION in two months. Since that happened, two more months have passed, and Crysis remains close to the top of the PC sales charts in the US and in Europe, week after week, month after month. In addition Crytek has sold many engine licenses already, no doubt each worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars. But lastly, and most importantly, is that the same CryEngine technology that was likely so expensive to develop for Crysis, is already there for when they develop Crysis 2.

    The engine was a large investment, but thanks to Crysis' unexpected success, it has no doubt already at least come close to paying for itself.

    The fact that Crysis didn't have the multi-million dollar ad budget that games like Assassin's Creed and Vegas 2 have, yet still was very successful, only points to even stronger results.

    They’ve now been forced in to making a console version to help recoup the losses made from the PC version. As popular as Call of Duty 4 is on PC, it’s even more popular on Microsoft’s XBOX 360 and Sony’s Playstation 3.
    Wrong again. There has never been anything announced about Crysis coming to consoles. CryEngine 2 coming to consoles? Absolutely. But nothing about Crysis' performance "forced" them to do so.

    And Call of Duty 4? Well, let's just say that it was 4x as successful as Crysis was in its first month, and has continually beat Crysis in the sales charts since release, month after month. So if Crysis sold a million, god only knows how many millions Call of Duty 4 has sold on PC alone.

    And finally, about graphics cards in general, it's unfair to classify NVIDIA's endless minor iteration as a cause for people getting fed up with PC gaming. If anything, the availability of such incredibly fast, high-end parts like the 8800GT and ATI 3870 for under $200 has prompted a whole hell of a lot of people to upgrade.

    It's no wonder why NVIDIA sold 2 million 8800GTs in just 4 months.

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