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Thread: Where Have All The Blu-rays Gone?

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    Default Where Have All The Blu-rays Gone?

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "Where Have All The Blu-rays Gone?"

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    Default Re: Where Have All The Blu-rays Gone?

    Right now I don't have any intrest in breaking the bank on any kind of BluRay.
    I do not see any difference in it from my upconverted DVD's on my Sharp 46' LCDTV. As for content, I could really careless what they put on them because I skip straight to the movies.
    It's too early in the game for the new format and anyone that has purchased already waisted $, because all I read about is problems with the players.

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    Default Re: Where Have All The Blu-rays Gone?

    If you don't see the difference, maybe you should get some glasses?

    Seriously, I have only started wearing glasses and see the difference. But you shouldn't be telling people that there is no different from upconverted DVD at 720p to Blu-ray at 1080p with HD audio. There is a massive difference.
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    Default Re: Where Have All The Blu-rays Gone?

    i payed with 4-5 BR players and thay are quite poor (sony as well) thay take about 1-2 mins to read the disk , PS3 is the way to go for an player put an disk in and its there within 5 secs of reading the disk awateing to be played

    lack of BR movies is disappointing at this time but not an big loss as its media center use works very well (download an play over network)

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