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Thread: Energy Efficient Computing with Intel

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    Default Energy Efficient Computing with Intel

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "Energy Efficient Computing with Intel"

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    Default Re: Energy Efficient Computing with Intel

    I've noticed in some of your reviews I've read lately that your power measurements always seem higher than I would expect. For instance, I recently upgraded my HTPC and picked up a Kill-A-Watt while I was at it. My Pentium M 1.6GHz with an ATI HD3450 was just barely able to play Blu-Ray. So I got this:

    - AMD 4050e (2.1GHz)
    - Gigabyte 780G motherboard
    - 2GB Wintec DDR2-800
    - Lite-on Blu-Ray drive
    - Samsung M40 laptop hard drive
    - Seasonic SS-300SFD PSU

    The kill-a-watt registers about 30W when idle and 70W with 2x CPU burn. If we compare to your AMD setup... CPU is a little slower so maybe 10W extra there. Laptop hard drive probably uses about 5W less than the WD GP. Onboard graphics instead of your HD3450 which I'm guessing uses less than 50W max as they're pretty efficient cards. So maybe 75W more max than my setup. That should but your's less than 100W idle and 150W load. And that's erring on the high side. You're numbers are almost twice that. That just seems odd.

    All of my PCs I've measured so far are fairly low powered. They've all been around 50W or less idle and less than 75W under load. The only one that went over that is a PC at work with a P4 (Prescott) @3GHz and a 6200 video card. That uses 91W idle and 153W under load. I can't imagine that either of these PCs in this review using more than this beast does.

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    Default Re: Energy Efficient Computing with Intel

    WTF... those numbers are way of!
    Maybe you have a very inefficiant powersupply.
    What kind and what wattage are your psu?

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