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Thread: ZOTAC GeForce 8300 AM2 Motherboard

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    Default ZOTAC GeForce 8300 AM2 Motherboard

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "ZOTAC GeForce 8300 AM2 Motherboard"

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    Default Re: ZOTAC GeForce 8300 AM2 Motherboard

    Quote from first page:
    They have sent us their GeForce 8300 based Micro-ATX offering aimed at the digital home segment

    Quote from conclusion of Article
    NVIDIA’s GeForce 8300 chipset is an extremely impressive unit; its IGP is rather good for a cheap offering, but can’t stand up to the might of a discrete GPU.

    Can't stand up to a discrete GPU no kidding. Do you even read what you type?
    This board was aimed at the digital home as you noted, yet you didn't test a single blu-ray movie.

    You don't road test a Ferrari seeing how much lumber it can haul or test an F150 for top speed.

    Help us HTPC builders out, when you get an HTPC board test it for its media capabilities.

    We want to know how well the onboard video play HD content, how many big hard drives it will support, does it pass sound thru its HDMI port, what is the processor usage when playing HD, how cool does it run playing HD and will it be able to be passively cooled. I am sure if you talk with the moderators at missingremote, silentpc or AVSforums you can get more detailed tests to run.

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