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Thread: Areca ARC-1231ML SATA RAID 6 Controller

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    Default Areca ARC-1231ML SATA RAID 6 Controller

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "Areca ARC-1231ML SATA RAID 6 Controller"

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    Default Re: Areca ARC-1231ML SATA RAID 6 Controller

    Are we likely to see any Raid 5/10/6 benchmarks with this card as these are the common arrays created when enthusiasts purchase a card of this magnitude?

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    Default Re: Areca ARC-1231ML SATA RAID 6 Controller

    I desperately need some help! I purchased the Areca 1222 after owning the 1210 and having no issues. I had the 1210 with 4 x 150 Raptors in a Raid 0 with two volumes, dual booting with Vista 32 and 64. All was bliss! I have the same motherboard- Evga 790iUltra SLI. Same memory- Patriot Vipor C7 1600 DDR3. Same PSU-Ultra X3 1600 Watt. Same Video Cards- 9800 GTX's.

    So I sold of 1210 and 150 Raptors. I bought the Areca 1222 and 4 Velociraptors. Set up Raid 0 with two 600 GB Volumes and dual boot with Vista 32 and 64. Install went fine using latest Vista Drivers on website.

    I also tried all of the same with two new GTX 280's.

    All is fine and will the PC will sit and run all day, with no problems. When I install the Video Card drivers (for 280's- Also same problem with 9800's but will only refer from now on to 280s' as that is the card I will be using) they load and then the trouble. 177.44 FREEZE 177.39 Freeze 177.35 Freeze !!

    I called Areca-- called back and working on it but don't know what to say.
    I called Western Digital- maybe you could return all of the Velociraptors as you might have some bad sectors. I switched to new ones.

    Called Vendor here in States--they sent me the the ARC 1680 ix-12 and I still cannot get video drivers to load. They suggested going with Adaptec 5805.

    My 1210 was very good and never a problem. I am using the same Vista Drivers now that I used with them. I even put the 9800 GTX's in with same driver to eliminate the 280 variable. All in all two changes. 1210 changed to the 1680 ix-12 and 4 150 Raptors changed to 4 Velociraptors.

    I need some wisdom. No one has been able to solve this "Mystery" and say it should all be fine. So what am I missing. I hope the reviewer of this Areca review can see this. I could use your help. Thanks gbakmars
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