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Thread: Intel\'s P55 Express Lynnfield Chipset Overview

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    Default Intel\'s P55 Express Lynnfield Chipset Overview

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "Intel\'s P55 Express Lynnfield Chipset Overview"

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    Default Re: Intel\'s P55 Express Lynnfield Chipset Overview

    I found the article to be well thought out but disagree with your conclusion as you seem to be attributing the targeted market for Core i3 rather then discussing the "mainsteam enthusiast" that i5/i7 is aimed at.

    Keep in mind, the "joe six pack" that the conclusion aludes to buying this platform won't be buying it at all. They will be buying Core i3's and Core i5 once they get CPU integrated graphics later this year.

    A vast majority of P55 motherboards are shipping with dual physical x16 PCIe slots, meaning they're trying to target the cheaper, bang for buck enthusiasts that things like the Celeron 300A and Q6600 were famous for, cheap but massive power to trick out however you want without killing the wallet. Core i5 750 is meant to be the new "Celeron 300A" and the i7 860 taking the role of the "Q6600". I may not be wording this right, but that's my thoughts on it.

    X58's real weakness is that it really targets too high end of an enthusiast when it's not targeting workstation/server duties to server that actually very large and growing market "mainstream enthusiast" cannot afford. But SLI/Crossfire is a very real possability for this group of users, so looking at a P55 versus X58 multiGPU comparison with a broad enough set of GPUs will tell us alot about wether the integrated PCIe controller in lynnfield is tough enough to go toe to toe with it's bigger brother or not.
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    Default Re: Intel\'s P55 Express Lynnfield Chipset Overview

    I love the simplicity and efficiency of the new platform. It's a good step up for some of us. There is plenty of room with this platform for the enthusiast and the "mainstream" user. Good stuff.
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