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Thread: Has ATX run its course?

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    Default Has ATX run its course?

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "Has ATX run its course?"

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    Default Re: Has ATX run its course?

    They should remove 3V and 5V entirely and leave the job to the Motherboard to convert, as it already converts 12V to CPU and GPU but not memory and chipset and PCIe slot for vga bios.

    If you take a look at the ATX pinout, it is all 3V and 5V's it is outrageous, the thing takes so much space, there is only need for 1-2 cables each and kill 3V at least. It is time to reduce ATX 24 pin to 8pin. And 12V only has 2 cables, now that i7 draws like 5A from those 2 cables, the motherboard itself powers the nothbridge part of cpu, why?, video cards use 5A more, at least 15A in case of PCIe powered SLI, relies on 2 cables!!!! I wouldn't power 180W CPU with 4pin connector, but it is ok to draw 180W from motherboard? the hell not.

    This thing is long overdue, and the power supply makers should force a move to 8pin, as motherboard makers will keep this legacy 24pin connector forever.

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