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Thread: HighPoint RocketRAID 2720SGL SATA 6G RAID Controller Review

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    Default HighPoint RocketRAID 2720SGL SATA 6G RAID Controller Review

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "HighPoint RocketRAID 2720SGL SATA 6G RAID Controller Review"

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    Default Re: HighPoint RocketRAID 2720SGL SATA 6G RAID Controller Review

    Thankyou for a comprehensive review of this controller. Surprised it has not elicited any comments since its posting, last year
    So hope you don't mind if I bend your ear. Did not find a reference to chipset (Marvel 88SE9485 according to others)
    Here is my attempt to throw some light on it with HighPoint's help:

    Greetings Highpoint,

    Considering purchasing:
    HighPoint RocketRAID 2720SGL 8-Port PCI-Express 2.0 x8 SAS/SATA 6Gb/s RAID Controller with RAID 6 Support
    However, have encountered an anomaly. This controller is being reviewed and marketed with the Marvel 88SE9485
    as chipset

    Bear with me, here are the Marvel entries:

    Marvell® offers a range of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) host controller etc"

    (No mention of RAID)
    88SE9485 (PCIe 2.0 x8 to 8 SAS/SATA 6 Gb/s ports I/O controller)
    88SE9480 (PCIe 2.0 x8 to 8 SAS/SATA 6 Gb/s ports RAID controller)

    So my question is, how is RAID implemeted with a chipset
    (which it evidently is) that Marvel describes as non-RAID,
    by omission?

    Rationally, 88SE9480 would be used by RocketRAID 2720
    Please help me to make sense of this and hope that your
    Sales Dept can throw some light, found that the Global Support Ctr
    don't answer questions that they deem irrelevant


    Hopefully you may be better placed to resolve the apparent inconsistencies. Marvell are equally opaque.

    10th October, 2012 - Insert

    Excerpt from Marvell Product Documentation - Marvell 88SE9485/9445

    "The device is available with a complete software development kit, including a programming register
    specification and open source Linux driver. It provides the flexibility for customers to develop their own RAID drivers
    or use with Marvell Non-RAID software packages to meet various market requirements."

    So, Marvell have no knowledge whether their product will end up with/without RAID, up to customers.
    (No such Product Documentation available for 88SE9480 on their website)
    That explains that then. It does not explain why HighPoint market a series of RAID/nonRAID HBA controllers
    with identical Model No.'s eg. RocketRaid 2720SGL and RocketRaid 2720SGL
    Whats wrong with 2720, 2720R, 2720SGL, 2720SGLR?
    It's a busy marketplace out there, why contribute to any confusion.


    Another matter:

    Restriction: SATA II MotherBoard with PCIe ver 1.0a expansion slot (x8 wired as x4)

    Would bandwith available with a PCIe x4 controller increase from 250 MB/s available to 1 drive/port?

    So far, found that StarTech PEXSAT34 PCI-Express 2.0 x4 does not (each lane dedicated to each port (4) ?
    This particular card has eSata ext. option linked to Port 1 by way of dipswitch. Was surprised that performance
    was worse on Port 1 Sata compared to Ports 2,3,4 - presence of dipswitch on board affects circuit?
    Performance on other ports was lower than that on SATA II on MB

    Another contender was: Highpoint RocketRAID 640 (RR640) 4 channel Internal PCI-e 2.0 x4 to SATA 6Gb/s RAID controller card

    HighPoint Global Support would not give a straight answer, just the total throughput of 1000 MB's

    What is the point of extra bandwith of a x2, x4, x8 card if it cannot be shared by whatever drive(s) are on-line?

    Promising: DeLOCK PCI-e Karte (2x SATA, 2x USB 3.0 Item 8299 - PCIe x4 Asmedia 104x, 106x GBP £30
    Performance slightly higher than SATAII with test HDD (no SSD on hand) But Not Bootable - access SATA III / USB 3.0 only
    Almost forgot, as this is PCIe x4, no need for Molex/Sata power connector for 5v to USB 3.0, save on cable and one
    less slot required, if you're in market for SATA III, and USB 3.0 (worth having)

    Having tried a number of PCIe x! controllers, this one stood out:
    ORICO PAS3062-2S PCI-E express card with two SATA3.0 Ports Asmedia Chip 106x GBP £25
    Matched performance of HDD on MB SATA II and bootable

    This post will only be of interest to those with the same desire - booting from an SSD at SATA III (6Gbps) speeds
    with the constraints of PCI-eXpress ver. 1.x (250 MB/s) - PCIe 2.0 = 500 MB/s

    Will follow up with trial of: Delock PCI Express x8 Karte > 2/8 x intern SAS / SATA 6 Gb/s Item 89307
    With Vertex 3 120GB, at the ready (Need SF8087 SAS to SATA cable, using same Marvell chip as RR 2720, but JBOD only!?)

    *** Have card. report soon ***

    Any contribution wellcome
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