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Thread: SteelSeries Simraceway [Są] SRW-S1 Steering Wheel Review

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    Default SteelSeries Simraceway [Są] SRW-S1 Steering Wheel Review

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    Default Re: SteelSeries Simraceway [Są] SRW-S1 Steering Wheel Review

    I, too, purchased a SteelSeries SRW-S1 wheel which worked very nicely for just about one month. Then, it failed to upshift and then failed to be recognized by my computer. The lovely row of LED's all remained lighted, and it was useless. O.K., so I contacted SteelSeries' Chicago Customer Service office and the runaround began. They verified that my purchase had been valid; and then that my unit was, indeed, defective. I had to pay shipping to get the unit returned to them.Dealing with them can only be done by e-mail; and only first names are provided, with no indications of title in their organization. The first contact person, Brendan, referred my claim ticket to Mike, who then referred me to Brendan. Within these referrals, were periods where neither would respond for periods of days. In some very insinuating ways, their e-mails would further refer to the need for me to rearrange my mailing address format, (making sure that my zip code followed "USA") to ensure that no further delays would be encountered. Also, Brendan claimed that my mailing address (which is a rural mail box on a dirt road) was not appropriate for return delivery, as it was a Post Office box (which I assured him it was not). My address is of the format: RR2 box ####, some town, some state, zip. This is obviously NOT a P.O. Box at a post office. I assured him that the U.S.P.S. , U.P.S., and Fed-ex all deliver to my address. NO REPLY! So, I next e-mailed their Netherlands (I presume) office, and I await some action.I am a 61 year old retired electrical engineer. I was very nice to this equipment. I know enough about these things to know that it failed to communicate with my pc, and since have discovered others' reports of similar failures with the SRW-S1 wheel. The wheel was great fun to use within that one month, and my other reason for buying it was to avoid the mechanical failures associated with many other wheels. I believe that SteelSeries knows that there is an inherent electrical design problem, or component failure with this wheel, and that they are stalling for some reason which is not clear to me right now. My advice would be to STEER CLEAR of this SRW-S1 wheel. I have no other conflicts with them and am not associated with any of their rivals. Their customer service is a misnomer! It remains to be seen how they will follow up with my warranty claim, but I can assure you that they are NOT very nice to deal with.It is really too bad, because the concept is sweet, and I found the wheel to be great for coordination reinforcement.

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