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Thread: WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Toshiba PX02SM Series 12Gb/s Enterprise SSD Review

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    Default WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Toshiba PX02SM Series 12Gb/s Enterprise SSD Review

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Toshiba PX02SM Series 12Gb/s Enterprise SSD Review"

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    Default Re: WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Toshiba PX02SM Series 12Gb/s Enterprise SSD Review

    An interesting review, in that it depicts the performance factors, IOPs and latency, that are valued most in the enterprise environment.

    We see that speed, in MB/s, is barely mentioned, only for larger 128K sequential files. From the PC/consumer perspective, 128K files are not that large, but we are seeing a different world here, with queue depths of 256, and latencies of several to 10's of milliseconds, and small file random IOPs of over 100,000 in many cases, and benchmarks running for an hour or more.

    We also see that performance varies over time, consistency is variable and is better if it is less so. We don't see much testing like this in consumer SSDs, since it doesn't matter... or does it?

    PC SSD enthusiasts would scoff at multi-millisecond latency, but the latency figures we see in consumer benchmarks are at very low queue depths, or simply unspecified regarding what is being measured. The Access Time results in AS SSD are measuring... what? We don't know, do we?

    Many readers of this review won't get much out of it, but I hope some will realize there is more to SSD performance than MB/s, and arbitrary points at the bottom of a benchmark screen.

    It might be interesting to test a couple top consumer SSDs with the enterprise type benchmarks and see how they fare. Oh wait, TweakTown already did that: Consumer (Samsung and OCZ) vs. Enterprise (SMART Optimus) SSD Performance Analysis :: TweakTown

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