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Poll: TweakTown Newsletter should be sent

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Thread: TweakTown Newsletter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unforgiven{BGF}
    Easy, easy.

    What's this a ring?

    Long history, if you're interested I might tell you some time.
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
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    ANYWAY, I think it should stay the way it is. That way, people will see the newsletter when the event happens, not a couple days after. You'll get people that just surf around sites looking at stuff, and then they'll get the letter a couple days after they have read the review, and might not be sure if they've read it, so they'll go check.. and they'll waste 20 seconds of their precious time.. :)

    Well, maybe not that bad.. but still. Leave it.

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    I go with the once or twice a week. That way I don't miss too much info that I otherwise wouldn't read.

    Since you have been sending out the news letters by email, I've found that I've done alot more reading of the main page. Also seems to be giving me a little more motivation to want to know what's happening under the hood. *so to speak* :thumb:

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