Strategy First announces new Jagged Alliance game for Q1 2004

Montreal, Canada. November 7, 2003 - Strategy First is pleased to announce it has teamed up with i-Deal Games to bring Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire to retail shelves nation wide in Q1 2004. Serge “Wildfire” Popov, a well-known pioneer in the Jagged Alliance 2 community and a member of the team at i-Deal Games developed Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire.

“Moving forward with the Jagged Alliance series is one of our major focuses for the next few years,” says Don McFatridge, President and CEO of Strategy First. “Teaming up with Serge ‘Wildfire’ Popov was an obvious move on our part as he is truly one of the best known modders in the JA community and we couldn’t be happier with our partnership.”

Background Story: Arulco’s economy has completely collapsed and the country has now become a base for international drug cartels. Export of precious metals, which was the foundation of Arulco’s economy, is now just a cover for the extensive export of drugs into North America.

The North American Drug Agency has been unable to affect the export of drugs through regular diplomatic channels due to the cartels’ influence and has been forced to take more specific action to stop the drug trade. You are sent in as a leader of a small band of hired guns, your mission: the elimination of all key personnel of the Arulcan Government and, if possible, the complete extermination of the drug cartels. If successful, you will be hailed as heroes. If you fail, the Agency will deny all knowledge of the operation.

Wildfire includes modifications to all aspects of the original game. Changes were made to all weapons, landscapes, structures, missions, enemies and the AI. All elements within the game were altered to make it more realistic, bringing it closer to real-life.

Real World, Real Weapons, Real Enemies… REAL TROUBLE!


Improvements to all structures within the game to closer match real-life facilities.

Added tall grass, bushes, stones, and trees to sections of the map which were barren, which allows for better coverage for units and changes combat tactics.

All military facilities have increased their defensive capabilities. They have added mine fields, fences, watchtowers, perimeter lighting and alarms.

All weapons have been rebalanced to better reflect real-life weapon characteristics.

New weapons have been added:

USP Uzi UMP MP5A3 Mini-30

HK33 G36 MP7 MSG90 AN-94


And all existing weapons’ graphics and sounds have been replaced to make them more realistic.

The importance of sub-quests has been increased and now plays a major role in the game’s overall flow.

The Mafia has taken on a new role and is now part of the Arulcan order.

The number of enemies has increased and they are a lot smarter and more ruthless this time around.

Available in retail stores in Q1 2004 for $19.99 USD, Jagged Alliance2: Wildfire will also include the original title Jagged Alliance 2. For more information go to

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