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Thread: Have a really amazing invention, how do I contact Microsoft to pitch it to them?

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    Default Re: Have a really amazing invention, how do I contact Microsoft to pitch it to them?

    new ideas/inventions really need protections, after you get your lawyer please tell us something about it and some samples please hehehe!

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    Default Re: Have a really amazing invention, how do I contact Microsoft to pitch it to them?

    I'll never have the money to tie up in obtaining a lawyer, copyrights, etc. (it's a pretty expensive endeavor)
    Then you have the issue of drumming up the capital to create a prototype or even to have the technical drawings made.

    My 'million-dollar-idea' (which is soon to be worthless since I'm posting it in a public forum) is the result of 15+ years in the graphic arts side of IT...

    'FlashScan' - the first scanner with no mechanical moving parts. Instant capture, high volume document scanning with minimal artifacts.
    Since all scanners are subject to quality issues and device failure due to the fact that there's a stepping motor and the light moves across the image, it seems to me that a new type of scanner would be possible and much needed in the newer all-digital world of graphics production.

    Just like a large digital camera...picture the scanner bed being completely covered with high res CCDs capable of macro imaging (very close to subject)
    Wedge a color corrected ring light/strobe in between the CCDs and the scanner bed so the surface of the item being scanned can be properly lit.
    The image would be produced, interpolated and sent to the host machine instantly (as fast as the preview appears on a point and shoot digital)
    There may be a need for some extra processing power onboard in the scanner so the data can be piped at a high bitrate to the host machine and so it wouldn't tax the system resources too much when doing batch scanning.
    For batch document or photo scanning you'd have to add an auto feeder to the lid that could retrieve the next item, convey it to the scanner glass quickly, park it for a moment with a DeSkew stop and then move it off for the next one to come in.
    So...I guess there would be a moving component, BUT it would not be the imaging components.
    My point hold a camera as still as possible when taking a picture, why is scanning the exact opposite. The 'camera' moves acorss the image???

    What do ya think?
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    Default Re: Have a really amazing invention, how do I contact Microsoft to pitch it to them?

    Quote Originally Posted by Psycho101 View Post
    TBH, most if not all NB and SB chipsets don't produce enough heat to warrant huge coolers and fans.
    You obviously never had any of the Nvidia based mobos like the 680i Striker Extreme or the 780i Striker II Formula haha.

    Even with 5 Delta fans (4k rpm, 190cfm) - 2 pulling air in, 2 sucking it out and 1 blowing air onto the Mobos N-bridge the N-Bridge still ran at nearly 60c

    Sorry about the delay, was busy in RL for a long spell - until I became jobless - so back to no money again.
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    Default Re: Have a really amazing invention, how do I contact Microsoft to pitch it to them?

    i had a cool idea once, you know all those portable devices you have? how they waste power doing 90 things at once they don't need to ?

    how about a magnetically charged power supply with a battery powering, get this.. 1 laser led with a tri band wavelength for colour replication that powers a photonic cpu, and loops the photons until they decay below ( whatever wavelength you find appropriate for your cpu timing speed ) and instead of wasting it, you pump used photons through the screen, or to your molecular crystalline storage device you have a mobile device that uses less power than a led flashlight, generates nearly 0 noise or heat, that you could charge by shaking it like a shake to activate torch

    that sort of thing is the future :)
    it's a shame it's completely beyond our current technology but i'm calling it now so you can all call me a genius later

    your scanner idea sort of exists already, there are wand scanners that work like traditional scanners you just wipe them over things and the pc figures out where things are meant to go, you might want to accompany that idea with printing an entire program, like a pc game onto a sheet of paper and instantly employing it into a pc by taking a super resolution picture of the code
    it would cut down alot of cost in producing physical software storage!

    how about ultra thin sheets you can scan with your camera, and overlay them on your photo collection in an invisible pattern that the pc can read in colour distortion of less than a shade per pixel in a wavelength we cant see that way you could store small programs you scan in over the same hdd space, or store data in a magazine picture instead of in a cd attached to it.. visible to pc only discriminatory imaging systems.. you know, make it sound good..
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    Default Re: Have a really amazing invention, how do I contact Microsoft to pitch it to them?

    Write it down on paper send it to yourself by certified mail make sure it has a date on it(called a poor mans patent) It works!!!! then wait for someone to use your idle call a good expensive lawyer, tell him someones using your idle and boom your rich!!!
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