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Thread: Theory about Amd-Intel competition.

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    If i had my own hardware company i'd make a motherboard that can overclock 4GHz and can polymorph processor sockets and ram slots to use whatever the hell i please. Then id make it USB 3.0 compatible, have 7.1 channel sound, and built-in wireless network that connects to my home network and internet connection from anywhere in the world. Then id make it the size of a slice of toast and not require more than 2 AA batteries. Once i did that it would all be over cause next id make weapons for the military. :laugh: :laugh:

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    Right because everyone has such great ideas i'm going to make a thread just for this prepose. i'll post the link in a few minutes:thumb:
    Righte here we go a "what would you do if you owned a company thread":D
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    Speaking of overclocking I would oc my mouse, keyboard, monitor, harddrive and sound card. lol....I wonder if that would be possible...hmmmm I'll go try it .....*searches for 10 volt 12 amp battery charger* ok lets just hook up the cables to the sound card and......KaaaaZzzzzzzttttttttt...oh yeah! It's working I can't feel my legs now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefy
    This is the funniest thread I've seen in a long time...
    indeed.. :rofl:

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