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Thread: Help with ASUS901

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    Default Help with ASUS901

    Hi - sorry if these seems a simple problem but I think I have screwed up my sons 901.
    I purchased a runcorn 64gb ssd.
    He had 4gb (c drive) and 8gb (d drive)
    He had run A2D application from Asus which makes 'd' drive the defaut programs drive.

    I used acronis to mirror the c drive.
    swapped out the old ssd and inserted the new one. I thought the old one was the 'C' drive but I have since learnt that it was the D drive.

    The new ssd is seen as d drive whereas it need to be C (currenlty still booting on c drive (4gb)

    Also he has since told me his years school work is on the old drive (not backed up!!) If i put in the old 8gb ssd it is not recognised. - Can i go back to where i was a few hours ago?

    Hope some one can help


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    Default Re: Help with ASUS901

    Hi- The ASUS EPC you said which has two SSDs should be 900,not 901,isn’t it?
    I have a test on my EPC 900. It has an inside SSD as C disk, I use a RunCore SSD as D disk which can be recognized correctly in BIOS. If you set your RunCore S70 SSD as the 1st Drive in Boot Settings Configuration or set HDD as first in the Boot Device Priority, it can't boot, you would see the curor glitter.
    So, you can set HDD as 2nd Priority, set the inside SSD as 1st Drive and the RunCore SSD as 2nd Drive. Also, you can try update your EPC’s BIOS of 1006 version. It could be better.

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    Default Re: Help with ASUS901

    may use a USB2MiniPCIe card to read all the data

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