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Thread: Require help - 32G SSD not formatted

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    Default Require help - 32G SSD not formatted


    I have a 32G Runcore SSD purchase from Voitech Solutions. (I think you know where this is going.)

    Voitech shipped only 1 of the 3 items I bought. I'll limit the scope of this post to that item.

    My Runcore SSD isn't formatted (I presume, or the mini-USB port is defective) and I can't get it to be recognised by any of my machines. I need a replacement. Voitech do not respond to my requests for help. PayPal is not helping me because the order was partially fulfilled.

    The code on the front of the packet is RCP-I-M5032-C
    On the back of the SSD is the serial number 0901020162

    I understand that Runcore is aware that there were units shipped that were not formatted. Can Runcore help me directly? I would speak with Runcore by telephone but I get a Chinese language machine when I call.

    My details are:

    David Urquhart
    Managed Training Pty Limited
    Suite 2 Upstairs,
    8 Bridge Street
    Epping NSW 2121

    Telephone +61 415 093 827

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    Default Re: Require help - 32G SSD not formatted

    hi david
    There is something I need to clarify.
    as you said, the ssd can't be recognized by mini-usb connector, but could the ssd be recognized through the mini pcie connector?

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    Default Re: Require help - 32G SSD not formatted

    Hi Chris

    I've only got a DELL Mini 9 to plug it into - if I do - then the other SSD won't be plugged in and there won't be anything for the computer to boot off. (It doesn't have a CDROM - I do have a USB CDROM but then I would need to boot off something.

    Are you thinking I try to boot off a CDROM, and try to format the disk via PCIExpress? Do you know what would be the ideal boot media to assemble to attempt that? I have a Windows XP OEM CDROM and I would also have a Ubuntu CDROM around here someplace.

    Thanks for your input.


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    Default Re: Require help - 32G SSD not formatted

    The USB maybe defective,you can try it via mini pcie. Remove your old SSD first, then install the RunCore SSD. To see whether it can be recongnized in BIOS. If it can be recognized, you can restore the system to the RunCore SSD by CD-ROM. If not it should be sent to repair, I think.

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    Default Re: Require help - 32G SSD not formatted

    format the ssd through usb cable
    and install the os in Acronis True Image.
    also you could install the OS by the CD-ROM
    goodluck ~

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