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Thread: Eee 901 - 64 GB RunCore SATA 70mm - write failure

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    Default Eee 901 - 64 GB RunCore SATA 70mm - write failure

    Hello !

    My new 64 GB RunCore SATA arrived (Price 165 GBP) for my Eee 901.
    The Card is recognized in BIOS and I have updated with the 1808 version.
    However, I can not write to or access the memory. It pops up under my computer but no fie system is allocated. Then it is NOT present in Administration/Computer Management under Disk Management so it can't be initalized and formatted etc.

    I also allocated the drive as first boot device in the Bios Boot section.

    I tried the RunCore Re-Initialisation tool but this itself seems not to recognize the drive. Though I chose the right Number which is:
    K9HCG08U1M the Tool asks me "Please make sure the connection devices number".
    Nothing happens when I press on start button in the program.

    It seems to me that I have tried everything possible to get it running but I or the drive failed. I am at the stage now where I want to return the drive.

    If you can not provide a solution for me with detailed installation instructions for my Eee 901 could you please give me the address where I can return the drive and/or exchange it for a new one. I would prefer sending it directly to the factory so you get the direct feedback and can work on these issues and help to solve them.

    Regards, J.B.

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    Default Re: Eee 901 - 64 GB RunCore SATA 70mm - write failure

    Hi !

    Like you see there are more people here who have problems with their runcore SATA drives on the eee 901.

    Isn't there a decent chap from this company who can give us a proper tutorial on how to install the SATA on the 901. It can't be too difficult fellows !


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