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Thread: Asus EeePC 4G Upgrade Advice

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    Default Asus EeePC 4G Upgrade Advice

    Which Runcore SSDs are are compatible with the Asus 4G (Linux)?

    This is the Linux version. I want to add memory and increase the storage a bit. No need to go too far, a new netbook is well under $400 so I don't want to spend too much for this old netbook. I'll add 2GB of RAM and maybe try a new OS, but which Runcore products are compatible? I would like anything from 32GB - 128GB, price is the deciding factor I guess.
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    Default Re: Asus EeePC 4G Upgrade Advice

    Is the Asus EPC701 4G Linux ?
    I'm sorry for the 4GB SSD of 701 is on board, can't support upgrade.

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    Default Re: Asus EeePC 4G Upgrade Advice

    Have you had a chance to look under the cover? Is there a slot for an SSD to be added to the computer? It should be in the space opposite the RAM

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    Default Re: Asus EeePC 4G Upgrade Advice

    Not the most obvious route maybe but you could run a Linux OS from an SDHC card if there's any issue with installing a new SSD.
    I'm currently running Ubuntu 9.10 on an SDHC card with WinXP as the main OS on my SSD and it works well.
    It is only a "Live" setup with a persistence loop file (see for details) but I'd recommend it as an option.
    You could also install Linux to your current SSD and use an SDHC card as your home folder for all your data for a full installation.
    Look for a fast SDHC card like the SanDisk Extreme III.

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