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Thread: Experience with RunCore 128GB 1.8ZIF with Sony Vaio G and Win 7

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    Default Experience with RunCore 128GB 1.8ZIF with Sony Vaio G and Win 7

    Got this a few days ago from MDD.

    First tried to get the USB casing working with the SSD. The diagram was very faded and could hardly see anything. So not being familiar with ZIF, took some trial and error to get it work. I have both Mac and PC Notebook. My iMac could not recognise it .. But the PC notebook could. Used some tape to keep the ZIF cable there initially, but after tearing it off, it tore off the paper Runcore labels (that's really not very good).

    Tried Acronis Migrate on my Win 7 RC on my Sony Vaio G11N (a very rare and light - 1.15kg 12inch notebook.. small light but very slow due to the 1.8 HDD .. I guess Win 7 did not help matters.). After installing and running, it was supposed to reboot and do the cloning. But end up had error of NTLDR not found and could not boot up. So in desperation, I took out the hard drive and installed the Runcore SSD and installed from scratch.

    Initially had trouble cos the Sony Vaio G was not that easy to get to the hard drive, ended up loosening the keyboard by accident. So could not boot to DVD. After a while end up with USB overload error .. Finally not sure what I did but could boot up from DVD. But then after Win 7 tried to expand files gave message that not all files were there. Strange as I tried that DVD before with no problem. So tried another DVD, then it worked.

    So I'm finally up and running on a Sony Vaio G with 2GB RAM, Core Solo Processor and 128GB SSD.

    Boots up a lot faster .. launching of apps and videos are finally acceptable. The stock 1.8 inch Toshiba HDD was really slow. Anyway, since I could not clone, now have to reinstall from scratch .. very slow and painful. Hopefully it stays reliable and working.

    Will update with more experiences and figures. But seems that its not compatible with Mac OSX (was using Snow Leopard). Also the documentation could be improved with clear diagrams and some installation tips. And not sure whether the Acronis Migrate is compatible with Win 7 yet.
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    Default Re: Experience with RunCore 128GB 1.8ZIF with Sony Vaio G and Win 7

    Acronis Migrate is compatible with Win 7 .

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