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Thread: RunCore Pro IV SATA 32 gb problems in AOD D250

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    Default RunCore Pro IV SATA 32 gb problems in AOD D250

    Hello all,

    I have Acer Asprie One D250 which has a SATA drive. I replaced it for my RunCore Pro IV 32 GB and it was detected by BIOS.

    But when I try to install Windows 7 from USB drive Windows Setup does not find the drive.

    The drive works, I previously run it in my MSI Wind and was working like a charm.

    On the AOD D250 has latest BIOS. SATA mode is AHCI.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks! :)


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    Default Re: RunCore Pro IV SATA 32 gb problems in AOD D250

    Update: Tried to change SATA mode to IDE. Still no disk found by Windows Setup :(

    Update2: I moved the RunCore Drive to another laptop and tested it again, still working and is detected by Win 7 setup. The drive is therefore most likely fully functional. Perhaps BIOS problem or that the Intel controller not detected properly by Windows 7 Setup. Seems weird since I ran it previously on a netbook with same type of chipset/controller.

    Windows 7 installs and runs just fine on D250 stock Hitachi SATA drive.

    Update3: According to RunCore homepage my drive is compatible with AAO:

    Any suggestions?
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    Solved it:

    • Installed Windows 7 on stock hdd

    • Downloaded and installed Acronis True Image Home 2010 (eval works AND is Windows 7 supported. I'm impressed)

    • Cloned the installed Win7 to RunCore drive attached with USB

    • Installed RunCore drive into D250 and it worked!
    Not sure why I had to clone the drive to make it work. I've seen this before, but that was year 1999 on Windows 95... Possible faulty hardware. During Acronis installation I got a BSOD, but I disconnected the RunCore from USB and rebooted. Then installation and cloning went perfect. Have not had time yet to analyze crash dump and stress test hardware...


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    good work man.this should be stickied for others to see.again great work.u gotta be lovin that performance!
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