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Thread: TRIM for the old Pro SSDs? Does RunCore have professional support?

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    Default TRIM for the old Pro SSDs? Does RunCore have professional support?


    I have a RunCore Pro (not IV) PCI-e SATA II SSD, and I have been monitoring this forum for quite some time now, hoping that RunCore might release a software for installing a TRIM-enabled firmware to this SSD.

    However, it seems to me that there is virtually no support by RunCore at all:

    - I was unable to find out what controller the old Pro SSD is using. The new Pro IV ones seem to use the Indilinx controller, but what about the old ones?

    - Is there a TRIM-enabled firmware available for the old Pro SSDs? There is no clear statement regarding TRIM anywhere on the RunCore website, nor is there a FAQ or something similar. I asked this about half a year ago and I was told that there would be one. But appearently, nothing has happened so far.

    - Is there a wiper tool for the old Pro SSDs? If there is no TRIM-enabled firmware, a wiper tool would be very useful.

    - I also asked if it is at least possible to use Intel's HDD Erase tool which sends the "Secure Erase" ATA command to the drive. Does this trigger an erase of the flash cells?

    Seriously, folks: The RunCore SSDs are NOT cheap. They are not expansive either, but they are priced at a level similar to competitors such as OCZ, Super Talent or even Intel.

    Some time ago I also bought an Intel X25-M G2 80GB SSD, which was not much more expansive than my RunCore Pro 64GB drive. Intel recently published a working TRIM-enabled firmware on their website. We all know that the Intel drive is superior in terms of random access (read+write), even though it doesn't matter that much since the Indilinx drives are also very fast.

    At the time I bought my RunCore drive, I didn't know much about RunCore, and I am starting to regret buying it. It seems that all the other SSD brands offer better support than RunCore.

    So, if you believe that "support" means, at most, sending some selected people beta firmwares via email, but basically just giving out some one-liners as answers in bad English which turn out to be empty promises, you will find out that no-one is going to pay 200+ USD on a RunCore drive if he can get the same, or better, performance with a decent level of support at Intel, or OCZ, or Super Talent, or anyone else offering Indilinx SSDs.

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    Default Re: TRIM for the old Pro SSDs? Does RunCore have professional support?

    A Tony Trim will have you sorted.
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    Default Re: TRIM for the old Pro SSDs? Does RunCore have professional support?

    It's not down to Runcore as to whether the older series of drives will get a TRIM update. It all depends on the companies on which those sSSD's internals are based. If there are no TRIM supporting FW's released by the OEM then there will be none released by Runcore.

    If they're Gen 1 SSD's based on controllers like the JMIcron then you definitely won't get TRIM support as the controllers don't support the command. Other underlying tech from other manufacturers in these earlier models may also not be physically capable of supporting TRIM.

    If you can find out what exactly is inside your Runcore drive, then find out if it supports trim or if other drives based on the tech have had TRIM updates then you can assume that there is the possibility of getting an update for your drive. If not then your chance is next to zero. Runcore don't write FW for any SSD they make. They currently can give feed back to Indilinx and get bug fixes etc, but on a produt that has gone EOL, even that may be a difficulty, depending on the originator of the tech the drive is using.

    Every single SSD vendor out there except Intel is basically just picking parts off the shelf, assembling them and putting their own sticker on the front. Unless the company that supplied them with those parts gives them updated FW, there will be none.
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