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Thread: ProIV ZIF SSD: usability as a native sata product?

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    Default ProIV ZIF SSD: usability as a native sata product?

    Since the ProIV ZIF SSD is using a Indilinx SATA SSD controller then a JMicron JM20330 chip to bridge from sata to pata (ZIF), I was curious whether the product could be easily converted back to being a native sata product?

    <table><tbody><tr><td><A HREF=""><img height=300 src=""><br><br><br><br><br><br><br></td><td><A HREF=""><img height=450 src=""></td></tr></tbody></table>
    Left: JMicron JM20330 TX/RX sata pins used for continuity testing
    Right: supposed J2 microsata header used for continuity testing

    My curiousity was such that I asked a Runcore engineer what the jumper were used for. I was told J2 was native SATA pins with a pinout as shown.

    Great future upgradability bonus I thought. Just solder a cable to the J2 header and a 1.8" microsata connector/lead and I could reuse the Runcore ZIF SSD as a microsata device, or even as a 2.5" sata drive using a 1.8" to 2.5" adapter.

    So then I performed continuity testing against the J2 pinout indicated against the JM20330's TX/RX pins. This was not successful. The RX/TX pins just read high impedance (not connected) with only the 3.3V and GND pins passing testing. To double-check in case the product was doing some fancy switching of signals when powered on, I jumpered the J2 SSD TX+/TX- directly to each other via a resistor. This would mean the SSD should fail to operate when powered. So I switched on the unit finding the SSD continued to operate and boot the OS. Clearly the pictured board, version ZIF18_VL03, does not have a J2 with microsata pins.

    Even so, all is not lost. It is still feasible to solder 4 wires of an 80-pin IDE to the Jmicron's sata TX/RX pins directly and another 2 to the 3.3V and GND pins to give all the wires needed for microsata. Not as easy as soldering onto the nicely spaced J2 pins, but still possible with the right equipment and some skill.

    I would be curious to know if anybody else's ProIV ZIF SSD's J2 does pass sata TX/RX pin continuity testing. If so, what board revision do you have?

    Standard warning: Exercise care if probing the circuit board to avoid short circuiting components. Kiss your warranty goodbye if doing any soldering.
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