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Thread: PRO IV: Windows fresh install SOLUTION

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    Smile PRO IV: Windows fresh install SOLUTION

    The issue is weird: a lot of ppl can't format partitions in WinPE (preinstalled environment) mode on their PRO IV device. Don't know why this bug doesn't seem to be solved with FW 1916 and I also don't have a clue whether this is true for all available types of the PRO IV series.
    This issue causes the drive to freeze after one selects a partition to install Windows to.

    Btw: my drive freezes in other situations as well, eg. AFTER wiper.exe has been executed (successfully). I then get this ominous HDD light going solid for about 5 sec and game over.

    Here's a workaround which does not require to remove your drive and use the caddy in order to format a partition via USB from a running Windows!

    Required: Paragon Partition Manager or Drive Backup. You can download the latter from Paragon server :-)

    1. Install Win7 to unallocated space to let it create 2 partitions OR when you don't need the 100MB system partition create the partition(s) yourself.
    2. Shut down your PC.

    3. Now boot up a partition manager or backup software like Paragon Drive Backup 9 in WINPE environment and do a quick format on the partition(s) with it. Paragon provides its own format routine and this gets the job done! Follow the steps outlined below:

    - If you don't own Paragon Partition Manager or Drive Backup download Paragon Drive Backup WINPE recovery disk download it here: It's german unfortunately (didn't find an english version), but who cares (well for a Swiss it isn't too hard to decypher german, so at least I don't care ;-)
    - Make a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick from the iso
    - Boot from it
    - When you get to the menu: select 1st entry ("DB 9 starten")
    - When the app is up: right click over the graphical representation of the appropriate partition of your Drive 0 at the bottom of the screen.
    - Select format partition ("Partition formatieren")
    - Click more options at the bottom of the popup ("Mehr Optionen")
    - UNTICK / CLEAR the checkbox (this tells Paragon to do the formatting with its own routine)
    - Select NTFS in the dropdown, don't touch the other settings
    - Hit Format ("Formatieren")
    -> this should issue a successful quick format

    4. Finally boot up Windows Setup again, select the partition and ... BE HAPPY ;-)
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