Based upon 'RunCore Tech_Support' request in this forum to my oroginal post detailing a problem updating firmware from 1819 to 1916 on a Rev1 MacBook Air with your PN 14086404 and SN 640911030553 I sent an email to describing my problem.

I was respectful and appreciative for any potential response.

I have heard no response.

I sent another email to as well as at least two submissions via your old web form and your new web form.

In each, I was respectful and appreciative of any potential response, again.

If there is no response forthcoming, I will be forced to return the SSD.

Will that even be possible nearly two months after placing my order and one month after receiving the SSD?

I have noticed speed degradation over time with your product, hence my request for an updated firmware as this has solved this problem for others.

Is there anybody there who can help me?

Or should I simply return the product?