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Thread: Runcore Pro IV 64 GB PATA 1.8", same problems as everyone

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    Default Runcore Pro IV 64 GB PATA 1.8", same problems as everyone

    I bought my Runcore Pro IV 64 GB PATA ZIF 1.8" SSD direct from Runcore in America. Firmware 1916. I have experienced the same problems that I've read about in other threads. After cloning (with my own copy of Acronis, not the one on the SSD), Windows 7 64-bit Pro would freeze, BSOD, or reboot once every couple of hours. I had disabled TRIM and ran wiper.exe frequently. I redid the cable a dozen times, thinking it was the problem. After cloning again (also with my own Acronis) without redoing the cable, there was no problem at all for six days. (TRIM was disabled.) Then my system failed to resume from a sleep, and after that, it would freeze, BSOD, or reboot once every few minutes.

    After a system crash, the Runcore SSD often would not be recognized by the BIOS or have dropped to the bottom of the boot sequence and/or its name will be changed from Runcore to Barefoot. When the Runcore SSD is not found by the BIOS, a few reboots solves this problem, though then it needs to have its boot priority adjusted back up. However, after Windows 7 crashes again, the SSD will once again have a problem being recognized by the BIOS.

    My tentative conclusion from this bizarre behavior is that the slightest error in the drive's data can send the SSD off into the twilight zone for a protracted period, so that it won't even respond to the BIOS after rebooting. Does that sound correct?

    About USB, I was unable to get the Runcore drive to work in the USB housing, but I had considerable difficulty getting my old 1.8" Toshiba 8025GAL to work in it, so I'm unsure of whether or not the Runcore could work there with enough effort. Remember, my Runcore SSD is a PATA drive, so I have no jumpers to play with. Anyway, since I was unable to get the Runcore to work in the USB housing, that's why I'm using my own Acronis to do the cloning, in the opposite direction (from my old drive in the USB housing to the Runcore SSD in my system.)

    My system is a Motion Computing LE1700, which has no IDE/AHCI switch in the BIOS.

    Runcore SSD part number is 14056404.

    Is there any way to make the Runcore SSD stable?
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    Default Re: Runcore Pro IV 64 GB PATA 1.8", same problems as everyone

    Yea rma it and then wait 3 weeks and counting (like me) for a replacement from runcore. Apparently they know about the issues and i have no idea what there doing.

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