If I wanted to replace both disks on 901, what kind of combination would you recommend?

I'm thinking of having 70mm Pro IV as a primary disk (physically replacing the stock 16GB secondary), eg.:

RunCore 70mm Pro IV PCI-e SATA II SSD for Asus EEE PC 901 or 901go (Build 3G)
RCP-IV-S7032-C (32GB)

and a 50mm Pro IV Light as a secondary (physically replacing the stock 4GB primary), eg.:

RunCore 50mm Pro IV Light mini-SATA PCI-e SSD for Asus Eee PC 901 or 901go (Build 3G)
RCP-IV-S5064-CE (64GB)

Is this setup possible? Since the stock 4GB primary is 50mm, I expect I would have to swap the order of the disks in the BIOS.

The 70mm Pro IV is faster that the 50mm Pro IV Light, right?