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Thread: Runcore Pro IV PATA ZIF Win7 problem

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    Default Runcore Pro IV PATA ZIF Win7 problem


    I installed Runcore SSD in my HTC Shift. Full name of SSD: Runcore Pro-IV Z18XX Series, RCP IV-Z1864-C, 1.8 "ZIF 5mm PATA. Firmware 1916 (latest version).

    I can not install Win7 on SSD. When Windows starts copy data from CD to SSD, HDD LED from the laptop go off. At some times comes an error: could not be written on HDD, etc. ..

    SSD is detected in BIOS. But you can adjust the HTC Shift only the time / date in BIOS. I can create and delete the partitions on SSD Win7 installation, etc. Format everything works. Once the copy process will start, rising from the SSD.

    Win XP can be installed easily and runs well. I have already tested the following procedure:

    1st SSD is connected via USB. All partitions deleted. Created new partition and formatted with NTFS. No improvement in Win7 Installation

    2nd SSD is connected via USB. All partitions deleted and then started with naked SSD Win7 installation, created new partition. No improvement.

    3rd Win XP installed and Win7 installed on XP. Installation was successful, until reboot. After the restart Win7 will quit when booting with a blue screen.

    Has anyone a hint what can I test for?



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    Default Re: Runcore Pro IV PATA ZIF Win7 problem

    You might want to try this, format the drive with windows Vista disk and then install Win 7 on formated drive. However, some SSDs may not be compatible with the trim function of Win 7, so you might need this command for smooth usage:
    Run as administrator and input in command prompt:
    fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 1
    The trim function will be disable.

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