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Thread: Weird PN

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    Default Weird PN

    I am trying to upgrade the firmware for the Runcore SSD (model RCP-IV-L1828-MCAV) that i just received for upgrading my Rev B MacBook Air. However, the PN listed on the SSD does not match any known pattern.

    Has anyone seen this type of PN: 4415004826? Could someone please tell me what firmware file i should be using to update this SSD?


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    Default Re: Weird PN

    I have just got the same drive. The firmware on the drive 2030 is later than what is available from the Runcore website, so no upgrade is required.

    Hopefully Runcore will update us as to how to interpret the new part numbers when an even newer firmware comes up - but don't hold your breath, I am still waiting for a support response about a faulty drive from two weeks ago.



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    Default Re: Weird PN

    Weird Problem with Smart Card and PN agent

    I am running PS4 with Server 2003. I have smart card authentica<wbr>tion enabled with PN Agent and it works.

    Everything<wbr> works smooth, except some users receive an IIS connect to webserver when they log into their workstatio<wbr>ns. If they input their informatio<wbr>n or re-enter the Server URL it goes way untill they log iff.

    If I have them move to another workstatio<wbr>n it is fine and works as normal.

    I believe the issue is a the workstatio<wbr>n level, but I cannot figure out the root cause. I have tried uninstalli<wbr>ng and reinstalli<wbr>ng citrix agent but the prompt still comes up for the user.

    any ideas?

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