Got a Dell Latitude XT with Windows 7 and a RCP-IV-Z1828-C (RunCore 128GB Pro IV 1.8" PATA Zif).

If I connect it via USB and the provided ribbon cable and enclosure, the computer recognizes it just fine.

But this provided ribbon cable does NOT match the ribbon connector on the existing internal Toshiba hard drive that I'm replacing. On both cables, the end that goes into the hard drive is the same. That part's fine.

But the other end seems to be the problem. Runcore's cable ends in another flat connector. But the Latitude XT expects this end to be rectangular in order to fit a matching rectangular socket.

I can reuse the original cable to connect the Runcore drive but then the BIOS doesn't recognize that a drive exists.

Is there some setting I need to change in BIOS or is there a different connector that Runcore can provide or point me to?