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Thread: SG33G5 Bios options - help needed

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    Default Re: SG33G5 Bios options - help needed

    Alright, this is getting trickier and nasty...
    Yes, what you said is correct, it will not automatically overclock,
    in order to have your RAM running at 1066MHz you would need to run your
    CPU at 1333MHz, so you need to overclock your CPU to achieve a 1066MHz RAM speed.
    Currently there's not setting or selection for 1066MHz RAM speed in the BIOS.
    So to sum it up, you overclock your CPU to get 1066MHz overclocked RAM.
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    Default Re: SG33G5 Bios options - help needed

    Running a 1066 Mhz CPU at 1333 FSB means 25% overclocking of the FSB, so that would overclock the Ram by 800 Mhz + 25% = 1000 Mhz. I am still not understanding how to get to 1066 Mhz since that would require 33% overclocking (1066/800 = 1.33). :)

    Also, I thought you had said that the CPU (FSB) clock setting doesn't affect Ram speed, and that only the automatic DoC feature also increases Ram speed (because it affects both CPU and Ram)? Maybe I misunderstood, I thought that the Ram speed remains fixed at either 667/800 setting. Thanks for your patience :).
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