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Thread: Red light lit up next to RAM module

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    Default Red light lit up next to RAM module

    I have 2x 2GB Kingston Ram modules installed in my SG33G5, total of 4GB ram. One of the little lights next to the first module on the motherboard is green, the other red. Is that a problem?

    Also, the tool cpu-z shows 4096M installed but shows one slot as empty. The Linux hardware detector shows 1 slot empty when both are in I tried swapping both modules but without a change. I ran only the module from the red lit up slot to see if it had died but the PC boots and shows 2G ram installed. Then I tried the module from the greed lit up slot in the red lit up one, it is still red and the system again boots and shows 2G ram installed. With both modules in Windows shows 3.25G available and a Prime95 blend test (4 instances) runs fine. What on earth is happening? Help is much appreciated!!!

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    Default Re: Red light lit up next to RAM module

    The lights does not alert any problems or help diagoise,
    if your system is fine as you say there's probably a little issue with the compatibility with linux. I will note this down and see if it infact is and if there's a solution for it.
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    Default Re: Red light lit up next to RAM module

    I was running 4 gigs of OCZ ram in my Shuttle for a while and Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn was seeing all 4 gigs with no problems now I am running the 64 bit version not sure if that might be the issue. I think it was a poor color choice by Shuttle to make one LED green and one red makes people think there might be a problem with the ram when they only see less than 4 gigs in OS would have been a better choice to have both LED's the same color in my opinion would not matter what color just as long as they were both the same color since it seems the LED's only indicate if there is ram in the slot.
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    Default Re: Red light lit up next to RAM module

    Ok, I understand, but why does even the cpu-z tool in Windows only show one memory module?

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