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Thread: High CPU usage in Vista

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    Default High CPU usage in Vista

    At this point, I don't know if it's MB/Shuttle or OS issue. I am going to put an XP dual boot later this weekend to find out exactly what.

    But in the mean time, here is the layout

    I am a 2 days Vista User, so bear with me.
    With my old trusty laptop Centrino 1 GHz with XP Pro and 1 GB RAM with 4200 rpm 40 GB HD (with over 30GB used) and onboard video, cpu usage is always low if idle, < 5%.

    Now when itís time to get a desktop with SG33G5 with E6550, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB 7200 rpm SATA and onboard video, cpu usage is always from 40% - 50% even in idle mode.

    I checked the task manager and processes, and total apps is using no more than 5% CPU, but still CPU Usage is around 40-50%

    aero is OFF, no windows sidebar either. i keep everything to minimum. Just for testing, I turned ON and OFF the aero and it doesnt make any difference to my CPU usage. I already cleaned out the HD, check the HD.

    Also no programs on startup, except my Logitech Bluetooth program for my wireless keyboard. I installed all the latest drivers and also all Windows Update and Anti Virus AVG

    Also system temp is mid 20s, CPU temp is mid 30s to low 40s C depends on usage taken from XPC tools 1.7.

    Any ideas on where to look for the culprit?

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    Default Re: High CPU usage in Vista

    Hi Gameson,

    We seem to have the same problems these days (see lcd issue).
    My configuration is almost the same (SG33G5M with E6750, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB 7200 rpm SATA and onboard video hdmi-connected).
    I also have problems with high cpu-usage at some points when nothing happens.

    In your case it looks like the measure tooling is inconsistent.
    Taskmanager says 94% idle -> 6% usage and Resource monitor says 42%.
    I think taskmanager is right because CPU-Z is reporting just 2002 MHz core speed when 2333 MHz is max for your E6550. So it's in spare-mode.

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