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Thread: I can’t OC my CPU clock to 400 MHz…

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    Default I can’t OC my CPU clock to 400 MHz…

    Now my FSB is 333 MHz (hence 333 with multiplier 7 goes to 2.33 MHz, the stock clock of E6550) and my RAM is 800 MHz (dual channel, so divided by 2 is 400), therefore it seems like my CPU is the bottleneck as per cpuz, FSB:DRAM = 5:6, which is consistent to the rated clock, 333:400.

    So how do I OC my CPU to be 400 MHz? In BIOS, I can only set it up to 333 MHz, can’t go farther. If I go set it up to 400, system error. It would say, “the file header is error, the file header checksum is not the same as computed checksum”, something like that.

    I have E6550 with Shuttle SG33G5 and 2x1GB Crucial Ballistix DDR2-800 MHz. Of course, I can always lower my RAM to 667, which is going to make FSB:DRAM = 1:1.
    If I adjust the CPU clock, do I need to adjust the CPU voltage as well? If so, how much should I adjust it? Right now it’s in auto and per XPC tools, CPU voltage is 1.2 V. Multiplier is 7.
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    Default Re: I can’t OC my CPU clock to 400 MHz…

    Yes usually as you increase the FSB to over clock the cpu you will need to also increase the voltage for the cpu as well however that will be a trial and error procedure since every over clocking setup is different on two cpu's act exactly the same. I would try going up a couple of tents on the cpu voltage and see if it will solve the problem that file header error sounds like an unstable over clock error. You may need to also boost the FSB voltage as well but I would play with the CPU voltage first. On my Q6600 I am running at a FSB 345 multiplier 9 with the FSB voltage set to auto and my CPU voltage set to +.6 volts and my ram set to 667mhz.

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