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Thread: SN25P Overclocking.

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    Default SN25P Overclocking.

    Hi all,

    I was just wondering what experience's people have had over clocking this shuttle. Mines now at the end of its life and so I’m saving up to build myself a new rig in the summer. Nad thought i would experiment with OC'ing.

    I recently upgraded the video card to a MSI 8800gt OC, 2GB OCZ EL Platinum RAM, and a 4200+ X2 (LCB9E) I'm at 2.6GHZ (2.596GHZ) using 236*11 and 166 and on the RAM @ 1T with a 4X HTT multiplier. I'm giving the CPU 1.375v and the chipset 1.65 and the ram is set to auto.

    I wanted to try at reach 2.7 was just wondering if people had managed this is in the SN25P and how? I've only tried chaning the FSB to 244 to achieve this but it failed in Prime95 testing.

    My Temps are 36-40 idle and 55-58 at load, I also wanted to know what temp monitoring programs people were using?

    I'd really appreciate any help you guys can give as this is all pretty new territory for me, been running stock till recently....

    Sorry for the huge post, thanks for reading!

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    Lightbulb Re: SN25P Overclocking.

    Sure you're on low voltage, increase the processor voltage and sure you'll go to windows desktop, be careful on your temps, more overclock means more heat quickly.
    If still having problems look at the hyperthreading multiplier, relax it 1x (for example: 5x you must surely go 4x)

    I`m on 1,4 for 2.570Mhz but going further requires more voltage depending on the processor stepping I should put 1,55 to go 2800 I achieved 2930Mhz with a Gigabyte k8nF9-Ultra but now it's life it's almost gone, verifiying voltages on hwmonitor shows me a problem in the -5v as it goes to -12v!!
    Some soft you must get:
    Cpu-z (Frequencies and voltages)
    HW Monitor (temps & Voltage)
    Orthos, Prime95 (to verify stability, you can verify this with system stability option in Everest-running it for 5 minutes will tell you any problem)

    Think you can damage your mobo as mine did..........
    Good Luck

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    Smile Re: SN25P Overclocking.

    You shouldn't exceed 62 C
    if you do and still want to go, think on another heatsink (Thermalright Ultra 120) or go watercooling with some complete kit XSFC seems pretty well

    Tell us what you finally do!

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