I have a 3 year old SB81P and from the beginning I have noticed some problems. Several times after I built the machine it would not recognize the drive (Segate 160GB Barracuda). I would turn it off and let it set for several hours and it would then boot. It appeared that the machine was overheating the drive (only a guess). This box will hold 3 drives, 1 under optical and 2 on the top of the case. I had the drive on the top rail in the front over the floppy and optical drives. After a 2 months with the problem I moved the drive the rear over the power supply and things have worked fine since. I decided to upgrade the memory from 512MB to 2GB last Oct and started having more problems. It turned out that one on the DIMMs (Mushkin PC3200 performance) was bad. I just got new memory yesterday and installed. This time I ran memtest for 5 hours and did a reinstall of XP on a spare drive and everthing seems to be OK.

My question:
1. The memory is rated at 2.6v-2.8v but auto is setting it to 2.5. Is this a problem? Should I force it to 2.6?

2. I now have xpctools and now watch the various temportures. All of the temp range from 40-55 degrees. When should I start worring about the temps?