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Thread: SG33G5 Dual Monitor?

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    Default SG33G5 Dual Monitor?


    I've just bought a SG33G and am wondering what settings I need to use dual monitors?

    All of the literature that I read before I bought it seems to imply that this is supported 'out of the box' with no other hardware required. Having got it and reading the online manual it implies that I need to buy some more hardware!

    Have I missed something?


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    Default Re: SG33G5 Dual Monitor?

    Well, to use dual monitors you need a DUAL output video card, I.E you have 3 options for output, VGA, DVI and HDMI. If you look at the back of your shuttle, if there are 2 connectors, one blue and one white, then jus plug in the monitors and your done!

    I think when they say 'extra hardware' they probably mean the shuttle doesnt have onboard graphics so you need to buy a discrete one!

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    Default Re: SG33G5 Dual Monitor?

    Hi Thanks for the reply.

    The back of the shuttle has two connectors for monitors. One is a standard VGA the other is a HDMI, and the shuttle comes with a HDMI-DVI convertor. Not having a monitor with HDMI or DVI connectors, I used a DVI-VGA convertor and plugged it into the HDMI-DVI convertor, thinking that I would end up with a HDMI-VGA convertor. The monitor that I am using worked perfectly when used with the VGA-DVI convertor on my old PC

    The monitor plugged into this shows 'no signal' and the IBM video settings on the Shuttle shows only one monitor connected.

    Is the HDMI socket enabled by default when I have the bios set to Onboard graphics? If so is there any way to use a monitor with only a VGA connection in a HDMI socket

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    Default HDMI is Default

    To activate the digital monitors, I believe it's jumper pin 14 needs to be repositioned.

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    Default Re: SG33G5 Dual Monitor?

    Actually I think that jumper is used to switch between the on-board video and an external PCI-E video card. I use the on-board video with a vga connected monitor however I use the standard monitor vga connection not the hdmi.

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    Default Re: SG33G5 Dual Monitor?

    Correct, the jumper is just used to switch between onboard and external video.
    Basically to use dual view you would be require to use an analog output (d-sub) and digital output (hdmi/dvi), to be honest i dont know if hdmi would ever convert to d-sub if at all.
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    Default Re: SG33G5 Dual Monitor?

    Well Ive just pulled the graphics card from my old pc. Its a winfast PX6600 td with dsub and dvi outputs. and the dvi-vga convert works fine!

    SO there must be more than one type of dvi output.

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