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Thread: SG33G5M: Only reading 1 slot of RAM.

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    Default SG33G5M: Only reading 1 slot of RAM.

    My sig should say what I have. Is there any reason why when I look at slot#2 in CPU-Z it shows it empy??? When I got to slot#1 it says I have memory in there. Any help would be great. Sorry if this is a re-post, i couldn't find anywhere else that someone posted.

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    Default Re: SG33G5M: Only reading 1 slot of RAM.

    Sorry not a windows users so not that familiar with CPU-Z what does the boot post on the shuttle show does it show all 4 gig of ram? Also are there any other windows utilities that show memory if so what do they show? The SG33G5 shuttles seems to have a common problem with the default bios voltage for the ram is low for a lot of ram you might try increasing the voltage in the bios for the ram to what is recommended by your ram.

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    Default Re: SG33G5M: Only reading 1 slot of RAM.

    ok so i read some other forums and found out why. CPU-Z is for a x86 OS, and since i'm running 64bit, it won't recognize my other 2gb chip. I am reading all 4gb under my computer properties so i'm good. I now have my E6750 OC'd to 3.2ghz(400x8) at 1.6ghz FSB and its still running like a champ. But i'm really not giving it a full load though yet either. My ram is 480.5mhz/channel(961mhztotal) 5-5-5-15 at 1.95v... my system is SCREAMING!! No problems yet. I think i will lower it back down to 3.0(375x8) once i start to do some serious gaming.

    PS: Anybody got the a new 45nm CPU yet??

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