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Thread: SG33G5M Deluxe - questions and problems

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    Default SG33G5M Deluxe - questions and problems

    hi there. im new to this forum, iv just bought myself a shuttle SG33G5M Deluxe. iv wanted one for years, and this one seemed like a sweet one to get.

    i mainly watch films, music, and roam net. but also sometimes games.

    the kit ive got in it is..

    Intel core 2 duo E8200
    Corsair 2x1gb 8200
    Seagate 7200rpm 320gb

    afta first installing the x64 version of windows ultimate and realising nothing ran on it. i then found a 32bit ultimate OS and have installed that.

    iv installed all shuttles software. but xp tools refuses to run, and gives me the Bluescreen when i try and run it. iv heard bad things about xpc tools just quickly reading up.

    my questions..

    obviously i need to change my VFD settings to fix the time/date, and other settings. what other program can i use to do this?

    are there any programs that replace xpc tools so i can still get use the full features of this shuttle?

    im just using the built in graphics card at the moment. and none of my games are wanting to load. ive tried 6 new games now, and none work. one game actually tells me an error of my graphics card and driver not being compatible with each other. iv install the drivers with the cd, and also found newer ones from intels site. but still nothing. am i going to have to buy a seperate graphics card? as i was under the impression the built in one was good enough to run most games at low spec.

    also. does this shuttle had any tendencies to overheat or crash/fail?

    iv neva had a shuttle before, so its a big jump for me. have i made the right choice? it set me back quite abit :(

    thanks for reading. hope you can help me!
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