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Thread: SX38P2 won't boot after bios flash

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    Unhappy SX38P2 won't boot after bios flash

    Hi everyone,

    This i my first post on this forum,
    sorry for my english, i’m belgian, but thx for reading.

    I bought à Shuttle sx38p2 pro 2 days ago.

    After installing Windows Vista, I launched a flash bios operation to upgrade it from sx38s10j.bin to sx38s10l.bin. I dit it under dos with awdflash. I went to dos with tool of Ultimate Boot Cd. I launched awdflash from a floppy disk on a/:. My Bios image was on the same disk (i haven’t done a boot floppy disk because there was not enough space on it, so i use ultimate boot cd). I saved the old bios under the name “old.bin”, then awdflash launched the writing of the new bios. It went until the end, and I got the following message “bios update successfully”. I was asked to reboot by pressing F1. I dit it, and since, only the coolers of the shuttle turn on for 6 secondes, and then stop. And again, and again.

    I tried a clear cmos, but it doesn’t change anything. Right now, i put the coin battery away for 30 minutes, try to boot “empty” (only with cpu (E8400), 1 ram, no hard disks), and still de same. I also tryied to boot without bios (i put it away, its easy), and the result is the same. I really don’t know what to do. Does the bios need to be reprogrammed? Do I have to change it? Do I have t put my new shuttle in a trash?
    At this point, i’m nearly ready to send the bios (and only the bios) to a german shop that takes care of this kind of misery. It costs something like 20€, and a week.

    Before that, i want to be as sure as possible that the matter is really the bios. The operation went to the end. Ok, the shuttle start not to start right after the flash, but… i have à doubt.

    So what do you think about all that?


    My config:
    SX38P2 PRO
    2 x 2Giga Corsair
    Raptor 10000rpm 150 giga
    Seagate 7200rpm 750 giga
    8800 GTS 512Mb

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    Default Re: SX38P2 won't boot after bios flash

    hi ritahirsch.... ik woon ook in belgie, en heb exact hetzelfde probleem. Heb je het nog weten op te lossen ?

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    Default Re: SX38P2 won't boot after bios flash

    Hi, first at all do not buy any more shuttle products.
    The question is, as you have just sayd, that you have to reprogram your eeprom.
    The eeprom must be extracted from its own doing it you need an "extractor" which it is commonly sold in eletrical shops. Then you have to look where to let reprogram your eeprom. Just look for some internet sites in your country...usually such service does not cost more than 20 euro.
    Generally such "electrical laboratories" ask for the eeprom and the bios code (rom) to be shipped at your cost.
    A good thing should be also to write directly to "shuttle corp" and ask what do they do during their job time?
    The bios code for some barebones is almost nothing different than garbage.

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    Default Re: SX38P2 won't boot after bios flash

    Maybe pulling the battery for 30 minutes was not enough? Try to find jumper that resets the BIOS, or if you can go in to BIOS reset in the menu options?


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