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Thread: sk22g2 v2 and ht multiplier

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    Default sk22g2 v2 and ht multiplier

    Hi all,
    I am new to this forum and hope someone could give me a help.
    I am an owner of a barebone shuttle sk22g2 v2 bought in Tokyo last year during my vacancies...ok let it make me short... ;)
    I recently upgraded my bios to version SK22S20U but I still do not have the ability to change the ht mutliplier, it is always going to be set to 1000 mhz (5x).
    Nothing changes when I set it to 800 mhz (4x), I need such option to work in order to raise my memory frequencies to 400 mhz due to the fact the ddr frequency is obteined by the division of the cpu freq by the "next safe divider".
    I got a cpu which frequency is 2100 mhz (10.5 x), so the ddr freq is the result of (200 * 10.5) / 6.
    The only way to raise the ddr freq is to raise the cpu freq also and to decrease the ht multiplier but I do not have control on this last one!
    Someone has encounterd this behaviour also?

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    Default Re: sk22g2 v2 and ht multiplier

    At this point, how the bios code is, the only way to obtein a 400 mhz frequency for ram modules is to have a cpu which multiplier is a multiple of the "next safe divider": (8 / 4) (10 / 5) (12 / 6) (14 / 7)
    Do you all think that a product should have such restrictions?
    On the box of this product it was written "ddr800 supported"
    Surelly they are supported but they are limited in efficiency by not being working at their nominal frequency!

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