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Thread: New SG33G5 won't boot

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    Unhappy New SG33G5 won't boot

    This Tuesday, I purchased a new SG33G5. I installed the following:

    Intel Core 2 Duo E7200
    2 GB (2 modules) Kingston KVR667D2K2/2GR
    VisionTek HD 3450 Video Card (PCI-Express, 512MB)
    Western Digital 250 GB SATA drive
    Western Digital 640 GB SATA drive
    Asus 2014L1T SATA DVD burner

    When I installed the video board, I also set the PCI Express jumper properly and made sure it was secure (some posts have mentioned this coming loose).

    When I turn on the system, the fan runs for 10 to 20 seconds and the lights next to the RAM light up. Then the fan stops and the lights go out. Then it automatically repeats this behavior over and over without having to push the power button. When it is doing this, neither the power button nor the reset button has any affect. The only way to stop the system from cycling is to pull the power plug.

    If the system is in the off portion of the cycle, pressing the CMOS reset switch results in the system staying off as long as I hold in the switch. Likewise, if the system is in the on portion of the cycle, pressing the CMOS switch results in the sytem staying on. When I release the switch, the on/off cycle continues.

    I've removed the battery a couple of times to try to reset the CMOS, but that didn't help.

    I hooked up a floppy drive tonight to try to flash the BIOS. However, the system doesn't get far enough in the POST/boot cycle to actually boot from the floppy.

    I've now disconnected the hard drives, the DVD drive, and the IDE cable (which I wasn't using anyway); and I've removed the video card and have reset the jumpers to use the onboard video. The system still acts the same way.

    Oh, because the RAM the salesperson gave me isn't listed on the Shuttle site, I also bought a new Kingston KVR800D2N5 2GB module and am using that one module instead of the other two modules. This new memory is on the Shuttle list. Unfortunately, using it hasn't fixed the boot problem either (I've tried it in both memory slots).

    So what do I do now? Take it back to the store? Get an RMA? Try something else with it?

    I've built several systems in the past--all with Intel motherboards and Intel CPUs and Kingston memory--but have never had problems like this.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Default Re: New SG33G5 won't boot

    Hi, try to give it back to the store with the ram and cpu mounted in order to let some technician see what really happens.
    An RMA will be so long...

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