The last bios for the sk22g2 v2 as I have just posted many times has the ht multiplier locked to 5x (deafult) and does not change its value acording to the combox choice...let say (4x, 3x, and so on)
What I ve discovered is also that both the ht downstream and upstream bandwidth values are locked to 8bit.
In such case the bios screen is displaying the ht up and down bandwidth as 16 bit but it is NOT CORRECT.
Launching a nice tool named cbid which allows to perform some changes at low level like adjusting vcore, ht multiplier and many othes it is showing the ht up and down bandwidth value set to 8 bit.
Seems that good people at shuttle are too hurry to sell their nice barebone systems instead paying a bit more experienced bios deveopers to release something acceptable.
This is no more than s**t!