The following is a copy of a message sent to Shuttle Tech in US:


Hi Shuttle Tech,

It would be helpful if AHCI were enabled, specifically for:
Native Command Queueing (NCQ).

Having installed all drivers, verified that they are registered in the
registry and in System32 folder, etc. The Shuttle SG31 refuses to
indicate the ACHI driver in the Device Manager.

There appears to be no specific BIOS setting that will enable ACHI.

AHCI capability would be very helpful, specifically the NCQ feature:

- Certain Linux distros will not install/boot without AHCI.

- NCQ would assist the hard drive to handle virtual machines.

It appears the hardware (Intel ICH7) will handle the AHCI.
This request is not asking for RAID capability, or hot swapping.

Have noticed a BIOS upgrade available since a previous request, but
it does not mention ACHI enable. If it has been enabled,
then software with drivers could be re-installed.

Could you inform if AHCI has been enabled?

Please consider enabling NCQ in the next BIOS upgrade for the SG31.