hi there. iv had the sg33g5m deluxe xpc for a while now, its running great, but lately ive become abit annoyed at the amount of noise its making.

part of it is down to my 8800gt graphics card, and the other down to the main fan.

i checked the temperatures and the cpu is running at 71c on idle. which seems slightly hot imo.

so i have a few questions for all the xpc experts if you dont mind.

First of all, to quieten down my gfx card, id need a new fan. does anyone know of a replacement quiet 8800 fan/heat sink which can actually fit in the case and work properly?

second of all, are there any replacement cpu heatsinks/fans that i can mount in to my xpc so that it can cool down the cpu, and also make my system alot quieter.

ive been looking for a while now, but cant find any websites which deal in upgrades/parts specially for an xpc. as i also want a replacement case.

Many thanks for helping me out.