I've got a Shuttle SG33g5m which is working well, but I'm considering selling it and buying a Shuttle D10 instead. I use my computer mostly for listening to music and I'd like to run XP Media centre and use the touch screen either by hand or remote to select albums that I want to play.

I do also like watching movies, and I have a Samsung LE32R86WD TV, which has a DVI in and a native resolution of 1366 x 768. There are several questions I have therefore about the D10, and wondered if anyone had any experience of combining this with XP Media centre.

Specifically, I noticed that the Shuttle has a Analog D-Sub Output -has anyone added a DVI card to this to act as an output for the 2nd monitor? I suspect I would have to choose to disable the internal graphics and 7" display if I wanted to do this :(Secondly, I wondered if anyone knew how to configure XP Media centre to play movies on the TV rather than on the 7" screen (either using VGA or DVI from a 2nd graphics card).