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Thread: Kobe

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    well what do we all think?

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    He already admitted he made a mistake, but I mean people just need to get the f*** out of his buisness. Everyone is making a huge deal out of some guy who porked a hot ***** instead of his wife ie: adultery. This is a big deal, but not for everyone in the U.S. to know about. He's a popular basketball player so people are freaking. The guy did something wrong, and made probably the worst mistake of his life. Why does everyone give a ****?

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    i think everyone cares so much because he was such a public figure and role model, and while most dont ask to be role models, it ends up becoming a responsibility, some handle it well, as Kobe did, others dont, like AI. now though people who were fans, even though they dont really know the guy, feel betrayed, whether they should or not i cant say. i feel bad for him, but i also think he dug his own hole

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    The media has made sure any person of any public status must try very hard not to let their dirty laundry out in the open. Regardless of what you or i think, its gonna be that way, and frankly, the law backs the media in this case. I agree with the philosophy to some extent, but this Kobe thing is kinda odd to me.

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