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Thread: Serial ATA and CD-RW/DVD-RW

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    Why can I not find Serial ATA CD-RW and or DVD-RW drives? Is there such a thing or are the technologies incompatible? If anyone knows where I can find one that would be great. The only reason why is that I think one of the biggest benefits is the slim SATA cables. No point in using them if I still need ugly Parallel ATA ribbon cables for optical. Right?

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    I haven't heard of any plans on using the SATA protocols for optical drives. But then, there is really little need for this since the speeds are considerably slower than modern hard drives.

    But in regards to your concern about ribbon cables, just replace the optical drive cabling with the new round varieties that are readily available. This will improve airflow and make the case look neater. :D
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    I suppose you could connect you optical drives to your SATA bus using SATA adapters but I can't think of a reason on this earth why you would want to do that.
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